Independent Voice for the Community

In a nation, state and city split by partisanship, I will be an independent voice for the people of Peoria, will listen to all sides of an issue and make my decisions based on what’s best for our community.

My Platform:

             Jobs and Growth. Talent Retention. Public Safety. 

  • Jobs and growth: With healthcare being the top industry in Peoria, I am in the right position to help guide the council to create additional opportunities for good-paying jobs in health care, manufacturing, trades, and other sectors for all Peorians. These jobs could be a solution to revitalize our downtown.

  • Talent retention: I have been working on a Greater Peoria Health Education Collaborative with four academic institutions in Peoria, PSD150, Illinois Central College, Bradley University, and the College of Medicine. I am committed to empowering youth in Peoria to get employment in the healthcare industry. This model may also be applied to educate youth about technology and manufacturing jobs.

  • Public safety: I know from personal experience that having the best possible police and fire services saves lives and is the foundation for a strong community and thriving neighborhoods. I want to ensure they have the resources they need to excel.